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Windows Phone 7 – Gaming on the most groundbreaking phone
Posted By: admin
Thu, 03/15/2012 - 17:32

Windows Phone is creating buzz all over the globe. Microsoft will be proud after unveiling its new era mobile operating system. I would like to share few must know things about this classy Smartphone.


Here is sneak peek…..This phone offers a new user interface with other new and interesting services. Windows Phone 7 is turning out to be an amazing development platform to easily build games and applications.


Windows Phone 7  Smartphone is providing a diverse array of options for the prospective customers. This is one of the main reasons why Windows Phone 7 can become a strong contender against Android, the iPhone and RIM (Blackberry). Microsoft is finally looking competitive in the apps and services part of smart phoning and Windows Phone 7 will be their ticket out of the mold.


Coming to gaming, Gaming is obviously a huge draw on consumer smartphones. Games are the largest category of apps on the iPhone and a major area of growth for Android handsets, and phone gaming in general is arguably the largest-growing segment in the game industry.


Surprisingly, windows phone users across the globe seem to be happy with how gaming is catching up on windows mobile. Many popular games like Angry Birds, Burn the Rope, Fruit Ninja, Dark Runner, Blocked In Free, Top Truck Free, Plants vs. Zombies have made it to Top 50 games on windows phone.


Running through some of the games and apps on windows phone, it’s hard not to be enthralled. Be it paid or free, windows games are gearing up to provide full-time entertainment and fun to its users across the globe.


Games are piling up rapidly for Windows Phone 7, and a lot more games will be on offer over the coming months; but high-quality game development takes time, and this is a brand-new phone platform. Hope Microsoft will soon show the huge potential of Windows phone as a gaming platform.


So here’s wishing success for this innovation. Cheers!!!!