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iPad 3 and iPhone 5 – The much awaited products of 2012…
Posted By: admin
Thu, 03/15/2012 - 17:29

With the speculations doing round, Apple might be gearing up to launch their two most anticipated products iPad 3 and iPhone 5 next year.


Rumors also suggest, the new iPad might be thicker than the present ones and iPhone will be all metal. People across the world are eagerly waiting to try their hands on the two innovations. If Apple is able to deliver the products by mid 2012, they might retain their Top Slot in smartphone and tablet sales.


What makes Apple the best?


Is it their way of showcasing the product or their marketing strategies? Whatever the reason might be, Apple has the potential to sell their products in the niche market. Every new product launched by Apple consists of various new added features, which other Top companies lack in delivering. Even though the competition is rising day by day among the vendors, Apple products do manage gain a Top Spot in the market. 


Even after the launch of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, the sales of iPad aren’t affected. iPad till today is the most desired tablet and also iPad and other iOS devices top kids' holiday wish lists, according to study.


Predictable features in iPad 3:

1.       Higher resolution display

2.       Better camera

3.       Quad-core A6 processor

4.       Fingerprint-Resistant screen

5.       SD card slot

6.       NFC support

7.       Thunderbolt


Coming to iPhone 5, Why You Should Wait for iPhone 5?


People are always craving for more with every new iPhone release. They want improvements, new features and expect the next iPhone to be even better.

1.       New look for the new iPhone

2.       4G capabilities

3.       iPhone 5 with a bigger(4” inch) screen display

4.       Apple fans wants iPhone 5 to be equipped with faster processor (May be A6)

5.       A long lasting battery

6.       Slimmer Design

7.       Advanced Graphics

8.       Wireless Charging

9.       NFC supported


Note: These are the most wanted and expected features based on studies and survey.


Will Apple succeed in delivering all the above mentioned features in the new iPhone or do they have a better surprise in store?


No official announcement has been made about the release or features about the new iPhone or iPad. Only time and Apple can say.