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Apple, front-runners in tablet market…
Posted By: admin
Thu, 03/15/2012 - 17:40

Since rumors have been doing rounds about the launch of iPad 3 and iPhone 5 in 2012, reports state that Apple dominates the tablet market.


According to study, Apple’s iPad owns 88% of global web traffic, which is indeed remarkable. Apple surely knows how to play its card right with its competitors. Its contenders including Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Blackberry’s PlayBook, Amazon Kindle Fire, and many more weren’t successful in attracting customers. Apple’s iPad has emerged has the biggest seller in the tablet space.


Another milestone achieved by Apple is that 95.5% of all tablet web traffic in the U.S. comes from iPad.


Take a closer look at the figures released by Pingdom:


Some of the market stake numbers for iPad we could find include:

  • 83% of U.S. tablet sales.
  • 68.3% of worldwide media tablet shipments.
  • 73% of worldwide sales of media tablets to end users.
  • 61% of global tablet shipments.
  • 80% of tablet shipments in North America.

Each one of Apple’s devices creates waves in the market despite its price. Other tablets available in the market are not polished as iOS and lack a significant number of apps and games designed explicitly for them.


There is no doubt that people across the world are raving about Apple products, but iPad dominates the market share. Apple’s iPad is a clear winner in every means be it exceptional design, accessibility, excellent display or battery life. Packed with so many great features, the Apple iPad is definitely a cut above the rest.


Kudos to iPad…. Do you think the iPad 3 will emerge as a champ? Please feel free to express your views.