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10 Tips on How to Make Money with In-App Purchases [Part 1]
Posted By: admin
Thu, 10/03/2013 - 12:33
Starting from today is a series 40+ tips on making money with In-App Purchases. Let’s begin with some simple yet effective methods of monetizing with IAP.

#1. Offering a “Save Me” Option:

This option comes handy when users are in the middle of some critical gaming action or are near the point of dying or losing the game or face some other undesirable outcome. Providing them with a “save me” IAP will allow the users to keep playing without losing their current score or their current game progress.
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This can be an excellent opportunity to monetize your app as it relies on snap decisions made by the player in the heat of battle. Endless running game like Subway Surfers is the best example of this strategy.

#2. Make available Samples of Your IAP Content

Generally, people don’t have tendency to spend money for an item unless you know real worth or usefulness of it. However, giving your users a taste of some of your IAP contents, both consumable and non-replenishable can increase the likelihood of users going for IAP to a great extent.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

Fruit Ninja is the best epitome of this strategy as they let know the users well in advance the usefulness of the Bomb Deflects. Knowing this user is prompted to go for IAP, so that he can safely cross harder levels.

#3. Make the Player Earn Your IAP Content

An incredibly successful Candy Crush Saga uses this strategy quite skillfully. The technique or earning IAP is based on the concept that users should unlock successive IAP content as they progress in the game.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

This strategy also helps in improving focus on the IAP content of your app while at the same time decreases annoyance to users who aren’t interested in your paid content.

#4. Leverage User’s Curiosity

It’s important that you leverage your player’s curiosity by making them eager to unlock your IAP content. This strategy is well depicted in Extreme Road Trip 2 game which hides the content until it is unlocked. This strategy help raises the player’s desire to see what’s behind the curtain.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

#5. Providing a “Remove Ads” Option

Though you may assume this strategy very simple, you will be surprised at the number of users who really wish to play app without any distraction of ads. Thus, it’s not unusual to see most apps not offering this feature loaded with brooding reviews from users requesting for the above functionality.

#6. Offer Users Basic Statistics

As most gamers love the basics details on how stack up against other players in a game, it’s indeed a good strategy to offer them an option of an IAP that grants them the power to see how they measure up against other players across the world. One of the best examples of this strategy is Ruzzle (see below image) which provides this option via IAP.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

#7. Bunch up Your IAP Content

People often prefer to buy in quantity. Hence, it’s a good idea to stock up similar games items and sell them together as a group. Below is the image of Draw Something that showcases a perfect example of this strategy by providing color and color theme groups for their app.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

#8. Create a Sense of Urgency

By providing limited-time offers, you can create a sense of urgency with your in-app purchases deals. Offering items for 60% off or more boosts the “buy” instinct in your customers.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

Contract Killer Zombies (refer to below image) is an ideal example that showcases the countdown timer showing how much time is left. This strategy is quite useful, as it creates a sense of urgency and guides to spontaneous buying decisions.

# 9. Make Your Store Easy To Locate

Want users to access your store? Then create more ways than one for users to find your store. There are greater chances of people buying something when it is easier for them to locate your store. Refer to the below image of Draw Something which offers users three different ways to access their store.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

# 10 Draw user’s attention with bling

People are easily attracted to shiny effects. Making use of embellishments on the buttons users click to access your store is another way of directing people to go for IAP. The below picture symbolizes it well.
How to Make Money with In-App Purchases

These were 10 simple yet very effective tips on monetizing In-App Purchases. Did you like them? Let us know in the comment below. Stay tuned for more such amazing tips.

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